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17.12.2023 Book launch: Normal Pervert, Perverted Norm 
12.12.2023 Nino Book launch and film screening
09.12.2023 Mahjong Workshop and let's play
08.12.2023 Screening with Asian Movie Night
03.12.2023 Dutch Brood and Taipei DimSum
30.11.2023 Book Launch: Wet Reader
26.11.2023 Book Launch: Lumbung, Commons and Community Arts
25.11.2023 Book Launch: ·L·e·a·k·y··W·a·l·k·s· by Roy Voragen & Isolde Venrooy
24.11.2023 Black Femmes Waistbeads Making Session

Past Event

18.11.2023 Talk - Muslin Brothers and Anouk Beckers & Iris Leeuw
17.11.2023 Fashion Publications LSB x Warehouse
14.11.2023 Video Power x Limestone Books: Kim David Bots & Jacob Dwyer
11.11.2023 Queer Pillow Talk & ICUM zine launch
21-29.10.2023 Dutch Design Week 2023
23-26.10.2023 Workshop | Sprint: Make a Copy | Artez Arnhem
10.10.2023 Temporary Tattoo Booth
14.10.2023 Performance & Artist Talk | SHARE - A Food Storytelling
01-15.10.2023 Exhibition | Hong Kong Photobook Dummy Award 2023
30.09.2023 Artist Takeover #4 | Archipelagic Affects | Intercultural Recycling an Translating as Forms of Poetry-making; followed by Workshop: Think/Publish Collectively
29.09.2023 Artist Takeover #4 | Archipelagic Affects | Archipelagic Circulations and Cuba: Alternative Modes of Publishing
14.09.2023 Workshop | collective zine by mimeograph printer
16.09.2023 Artist Takeover #3 | Book Launch & Artist Talk
13-22.09.2023 Artist Takeover #3 | Goodbye to the Art
23-30.09.2023 Artist Takeover #4 | Archipelagic Affects
05.09.2023 Film Screening &Talk | Derica Shields in conversation with G
29.08.2023 Book Launch—Cut from a Bigger Cloth
03.09.2023 Sunday Picnic | A Taste of Virus
26.08-11.09.2023 Exhibition | An Artist’s Guide to the Culinary
02.09.2023 Workshop | Limestone Books X Rush Print 003: Chop-Chop Workshop
14-16.07.2023 Book Stand | Non-Native Native Fair at Framer Framed Amsterdam
09.07.2023 Book Stand | Book are Bridges at PrintRoom Rotterdam
27.06.2023 Worshop | Edible Zine Workshop
24.06.2023 Book Stand | Pride Maastricht
23-25.6.2023 Bookstore at Jan van Eyck Open Studio
29.06.2023 Book Launch | To live as an Asian Woman
30.06.2023 Poetry Night x Ducttape Collective
01.06.2023 Book Launch | The Sky Only Welcomes Those with Wings
24.05.2023 Visit by Students from Design Academy Eindhoven
29.05-04.06.2023 Artist Takeover #2 | Resonanzseiten
24.05.2023 TALK | Why are Migrant Workers Always Live-Streaming
18-21.05.2023 Temporary Tattoo Booth
14.05.2023 FLOWING GRIDS - Artist's Book Gathering
04.05.2023 Movie Night
27.04.2023 Celebrate King's day, all the books realted to colonial history are on sale.
30.04.2023 TALK | In Conversation with Alan Smart and Iris de Leeuw
14.04.2023 TALK | On the Methodology of Curating Digital Art Festival Taipei – Fake it Real
07.04.2023 Movie Night
31.03.2023 Artist Takeover | Short Film Screening
28.03.2023 Presentation | Annie Jael Kwan, Joanna Wolfarth
22.03.2023 Book Launch | Katusra Hito
21.03.2023 Artist takeover drop-in day
19.03.2023 Presentation | Nazir Harith on making Jurnal SVARA
17.03-31.03.2023 Artist Takeover #1 | Rose Nordin | Limestone Deposits(from the Archipelago)
13.03.2023-31.03.2023 Feminist Bookshelf 2023
07.03.2023 Reading Group | Take back the land - Palestinian women in resistance
02.03.2023 Printing workshop and broadcasting live
Exhibition | Between Mountains and Rivers
03.02.2023 Movie Night
28.01.2023 Book Stand | Lunar New Year
22.01.2023 Workshop | Making your own red envelopes 05.01.2023 Movie Night
03.12.2022 Window Presentation | Traces of Wind

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